Our Services

  • Salary Payment

    Salary Payment

    Salaries of governmental employees and NGO's all around Afghanistan, even where banks can't access.

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  • Telecom E-Recharge Card

    Telecom E-Recharge Card

    All Telecom services in Afghanistan is accessible in Buloro Afghanistan.

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  • Telecommunication SIM Card Services

    Telecommunication SIM Card Services

    Reliable SIM card sales and registration. Get personalized options for personal or business use. Expert assistance ensures compliance with local regulations. Trust us for convenient and reliable SIM card solutions.

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  • Buloro Pay

    Buloro Pay

    You can use B-Pay Software to purchase Top-Up

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  • E-Top-Up API Service

    E-Top-Up API Service

    You can integrate your systems into our API for eTopup sales

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  • Money Transfer

    Money Transfer

    You can send and receive your money with MoneyGram and SAHL-HAWALA all around the world and in every region of Afghanistan.

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  • Bill Payments

    Bill Payments

    You can pay your utility bills including Breshna in seconds and you can buy new Mobiles at lower prices within Buloro Shops.

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